Nail Rejuvenation

The PinPointe FootLaser provides First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic with a new, safe and effective treatment for nail infection.  Treatment of all of your nails will usually take 30 minutes.

 Nail Rejuvenation Package Includes:

  • Two Laser Treatments
    • Initial treatment
    • Additional treatment at 3 months
  • Three Follow-up Visit:
    • 3 months, 6 months and 12 months
  • Formula 3: Topical Antifungal for Everyday Use
  • Mycomist Spray: For treating shoes


For best results, please follow these instruction before your treatment:

1. 24-hours before please remove any polish from every nail on both feet prior to treatment.  For the most effective treatment, there must be no artificial pigment of any kind and no clear nail polish on any of your nails.

2. Shave any hair you can see or feel from every toe the evening prior to the treatment if possible.

3. Bring open-toed shoes to your appointment.  You will need to wear these from the office after treatment.