Q. Is the laser a “cure” for the fungus?

No there is no “cure” for nail fungus, but the Pinpointe laser will kill the existing fungus in the nail. It is the safest, most effective treatment available today. It is highly recommended the patient follow the post-treatment protocol in order to prevent any re-infection. 

Q. How does the laser work?

The Pinpointe was specifically designed to destroy nail fungus.  It uses a very specific spectrum of near infra red light to eliminate fungi and molds that cause nail fungus without causing any damage to the surrounding skin or nail. 

Q. How many rounds does it take to treat the nail with the laser?

Clinical studies show an 88% success rate after just one treatment, but we perform the nail laser initially and then 3 months later.

Q. It only looks like I have fungus in 3 or 4 of my toes so why do I have to get all 10 toes treated?

Due to the fact that there may be a fungal infection brewing in the adjacent nail, but it is not visible to the naked eye.  We try and make every nail a fungus free environment. 

Q. Is laser treatment covered by my medical insurance?

Laser treatment of the skin and nails is not currently covered by medical insurance.  Unfortunately insurance companies view this procedure as a cosmetic treatment.  First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic accepts major credit cards, cash, Care Credit, HSA (Health Savings Account), medical IRA or Flex Spending Accounts. Please contact our office for more details:  904-739-9129.  

Q. How can I pay for the procedure?

Credit card


Care Credit

HSA (Health Savings Account)

Medical IRA

Flex Spending Account

Q. Do I need blood work for the laser treatment?

No, blood work is not necessary

Q. Is the procedure painful?

For the majority of patient there is no pain, but some may feel a “warming” of the nail or a “pinprick” sensation which lasts only a second. 

Q. Can I get a pedicure after the laser treatment? 

Yes it is OK to get a pedicure after the laser treatment, but make sure your choice of nail salon thoroughly sterilizes their instruments. According to many of my patients getting a pedicure is how they got their fungal infection in the first place. Purchasing your own instruments is a good way to ensure that they are clean and only used on your toes. 

Q. Can I wear nail polish on my toes after the laser treatment? 

Yes you may, but many of the chemicals found in nail polish may weaken your nail and make it more susceptible to fungal infection. I would recommend wearing nail polish for special occasions and then removing it and continue to apply the topical anti-fungal after to prevent any re-infection. The topical anti-fungal is not effective when applied over nail polish because the medicine won’t get through the polish.

Q. So are all nail polishes bad for the nail? 

No, there are some nail polish which are made from more organic materials and actually have an anti-fungal element in the polish itself.  Dr. Remedy is one of the brands with anti-fungal elements, which we carry in the office. 

Q. Is there toenail fungus treatment in Jacksonville?

Yes! We currently have the first nail laser FDA cleared for nail fungus. The laser is safest, most effective laser for nail fungus available today!

Q. Is there a fungus feet treatment?

Fungal infections in the nail often spread quickly.  There may also be a fungal infection in the skin as well which needs to be treated and can often be treated topically.

Q. Are there other podiatrists Jacksonville FL or podiatrists Jacksonville Beach FL treating toenail fungus? 

There may be other podiatrist’s in Jacksonville treating toenail fungus, but they are probably not using the Pinpointe toenail laser. Many other lasers have been retro-fitted for fungal nail treatment and are not specifically made for fungal nails like the Pinpointe.  As a result the successful outcomes are not as great as with the Pinpointe foot laser. There are also some salons who advertise treatment for nail fungus and they have technicians perform the procedure. In the state of Florida only a physician may use the laser.